Hair Care
Hair products like shampoo and conditioner to hair spray of any kinds, just ask our stylists!
Need a summer dress or a scarf when it's cold? Come in to check out our selection!
Much more!
Come in and check out our products!
Trying to find a house warming gift? Or treating yourself to a new purse? The Elite has it!
  1. Jewelry
    Earrings, necklaces and more ranging from only $10-$20!
  2. Aspinwall
    The newest Montana gear has arrived! T-shirts are $25 and tanks are $24, long sleeve and sweatshirts are available as well.
  3. Keepsake Boxes
    Keepsake Boxes
    Square and Circle boxes with the labels of "Photos," "Memories," "Keepsakes," and more! Just $10 each!
  4. Montana Silversmith
    Montana Silversmith
    High quality Montana Silversmith is in! Prices vary on the product
  1. Scarfs
    For the cold winter days, stock up with all these different scarf designs, just $6 each!
  2. Tea Time!
    Tea Time!
    Black Tea, Herb & Fruit, and Green Tea in flavors such as "Home for the Holidays," "Citrus Delight," "Sour Apple," and much more! All for $7 each
  3. Coffee Mugs
    Coffee Mugs
    Taller mugs are $16 and smaller mugs are $7!
  4. Dinner's Ready
    Dinner's Ready
    New kitchen towels with catchy saying made by "Primitives By Kathy" $7 each
  1. Purses
    A wide variety of different colors in purses and only $25.
  2. Corkies
    Comfy and stylish flip flops for just $20! Available in green as well.
  3. Hats
    All hats are $16 and come in many different styles!
  4. Montana West
    Montana West
    High quality Montana West flip flops for only $35!
  1. Candles and Wax
    Candles and Wax
    Bees-To-Bubbles and Secret Jewels are in to give a new scent to your home!
  2. Matching Handbags!
    Matching Handbags!
    New selection of matching purses and wallets in a variety of styles! Prices are from $30-$40 and are sold separately.
  3. Bath Accessories
    Bath Accessories
    Face Spa Masques and Body Spa for the bath tub, each in four different scents ($2.50 each) And Pumi Bards to use while you're soaking after a long day of work that helps with healthy skin!
  4. And more flip flops!
    And more flip flops!
    A whole rack of flip flops with more than 3 brands, prices vary by brands.
  1. Jax Hats
    Jax Hats
    Stylish hats in different colors, available in kids as well!
  2. Clothes!
    A huge variety of clothes, come in to check out the selection!
  3. Wall Art
    Wall Art
    Frames and sayings to hang just about anywhere.
  4. More clothes!
    More clothes!
    1x-3x sizes in a variety of colors